For younger, smoother, softer skin

Using PROFHILO®, the latest in tissue modulator technology, here at IntraVita we can refresh and rejuvenate your hands, neck or face, restoring your youthful looks and counter the signs of ageing.

from £250

Pricing from £250

Procedure time 1 hour

Downtime 1 - 5 days

Duration of results 3 - 6 months

What is PROFHILO® technology?

PROFHILO® is a form of tissue modulating technology that goes one step beyond many competitor products. It’s specifically engineered for precision skin remodelling, focusing on curling fine lines and wrinkles instead of simply filling them. By stimulating naturally occurring collagen and elastin it renews your skin using your body’s own natural resources.

PROFHILO® product image

Is PROFHILO® safe?

Yes. What sets PROFHILO® apart is that it works with substances that your body produces naturally, making them easier to breakdown. There are no additives like there are in some dermal fillers on the market, greatly reducing the risk of any side effects.

Amanda Otto a trained PROFHILO® specialist


  • Hands (per 4ml) £500 Book Please note, two treatments are necessary
  • Face (per 2ml) £250 Book Please note, two treatments are necessary
  • Neck (per 2ml) £250 Book Please note, two treatments are necessary

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